Welcome to the Equipment and Materials Centralized Procurement Platform of POWERCHINA V3.0!
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Welcome to service center.

Beijing Huake Soft Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Electricity Construction Group, is responsible for the operation of the electronic platform for centralized procurement of equipment and materials for China Electricity Construction. At present, the service center has two service teams in Beijing and Xi'an. There are more than 30 professional customer service managers to provide high quality service for suppliers. 千亿体育官网 include: business consultation, declaration materials filling and checking, qualification preliminary examination, platform use guidance and help, bidding information customization and push, short message reminder, online or on-site training, page advertising and other paid value-added services. To enjoy the above value-added services, we must first join the membership. We look forward to helping you succeed with quality and professional services.


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Customer Service Hotline
  • customer service tel:4006274006
  • Fax:010-62673123
  • enterprise QQ  : 4009700225
  • enterprise Mail:ec@powerchina.cn
  • Complaints Hotline:4006274006-01
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday
    8:30~11:30 13:00~17:00
    Normal holidays and normal rest
BankAccount and Email of suppliers
  1. Opening bank :China Construction Bank Beijing
           Sijiqing Branch
    Opening bankName :Beijing Huake Soft
           Technology Co., Ltd
    Account number :11001054300052508439
    Mailing address:Floor 3, block B, Haifu international,
           No.22, Chegongzhuang West Road,
          Haidian District, Beijing
    Zip code:100048
    Addressee :Beijing Huake Soft Technology Co.,

千亿体育官网 China electric power construction co. LTD

Office address: no. 22 chegongzhuang west road, haidian district, Beijing | Zip code:100048 |千亿体育官网 No. 11043677, Beijing ICP

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